There are loads of different types of loan products on the market and finding the right one could make a great deal of difference to the level of your repayments. Loans fall into two main categories, secured and personal. A personal loan is a loan for less than £25,000 repaid in a short to medium time frame (usually no more than five years).

Each loan type has its own advantages. Of course if you don’t own your own home, then personal loans are the only option for you. Personal loans usually have higher interest rates and because the risks are higher for the lender you can’t borrow as much as you could with a secured loan. If you have a poor credit history or CCJ’s then it may be very difficult to get an unsecured loan.

Secured loans typically have lower interest rates but require that you put up your property as security. Secure loans can typically be taken out for much larger amounts and over a much longer period. It is a lot easier to get a secured loan with a poor credit history than an unsecured loan. Debtbuster Loans can help to find appropriate secured loans to match your circumstances and needs.

Short-term cash advance (payday loans) up to $5000

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One of the main steps in working out the suitability of a loan for you is to calculate the full repayment over time and the APR of the product. Make sure that you understand the differences between fixed rate and variable interest rates and how they are likely to affect your repayments. If you apply for a secured loan with Debtbuster loans they can help you to find deals with the best APR for you.


Rates between lenders can vary dramatically depending on how much you want to borrow, what your credit rating is like and how long you want to borrow for. It’s worthwhile thoroughly researching the market to find the best deal. As an experienced loan broker Debtbuster Loans search hundreds of loan providers to find the best deals available. Why not let Debtbusters take the hassle out of searching the market and quickly find the best deal for you.

Online Home and Consolidation Loans

Unlike high street banks and building societies, Debtbuster Loans are open and available to help when others are not. When you have decided you wish to take one of their loans they will sort out all the paperwork for you, enabling you to relax and feel confident that your finances will be dealt with quickly and with care.

Debtbuster loans pride themselves in having high customer service satisfaction. All of their advisors have received extensive training and can clearly explain the loan process in a quick, easy and professional manner.