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Debtbuster Loans provide any purpose secured loans to meet your needs. Why not let Debtbuster Loans check their list of over 300 lenders to find the cheapest secured loan deal for you

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Use the loan calculator to find your repayment amount. Just tell us how much you want to borrow, how long for and what your credit history is like.

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What the customers say:

I got the result I needed within 24 hours. I don’t think I’ve ever come across friendlier people, Amy dealt with me and she was absolutely brilliant.

Mrs Williams - 23rd Feb 08

My wife and I wish to pass on our sincere thanks for all their help, for their efficiency, courteousness, prompt and swift attention to all details. It was a pleasure to talk to such pleasant staff members.

Mr Grange - 8th May 08

I received my payment faster than expected. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Debtbusters services to any of my friends as I found them to be very professional and considerate.

Ms Stewart - 27th Sep 08

* Debtbuster Loans interest rate is 18.5% APR Typical VARIABLE, around 66% of all applicants receive a lower rate.

About Debtbuster Loans

Debtbuster loans are one of the UK’s best known brokers of secured loans. They are experts in the UK secured loan market and because they are not tied to one lender they can search through hundreds of loan providers to find a good deal for you. Because Debtbuster Loans deal with a large number of loan companies they can find deals to suit your circumstances and can help you if you are self employed or have CCJ’s or a poor credit history. Use the secured loan calculator to see the great deals Debtbuster Loans can get for you.

Secured Loans

People want secured loans for all sorts of reasons including debt consolidation, home improvements, car loans or loans for holidays. Debtbuster can help you to get the right loan for all of these purposes and many more.

Debtbuster Loans offer a wide range of secured loans through their large loan provider network. Secured loans usually have much lower interest rates than unsecured loans because there is a lower level of risk for the lender. If you have unsecured debts in different places then consolidating them with a Debtbuster secured loan could save you lots of money. Debtbuster loans can even help you if you have a poor credit history or CCJ’s. With a poor credit rating you are much more likely to be accepted for a secured loan than an unsecured one (also with a bad credit history you can always borrow up to a salary of up to 1000 dollars payday loan in 24 hours).

Secured loans can provide a better solution than remortgaging in many circumstances. Secured loans can usually be arranged much more quickly than remortgages and there are often far fewer restrictions on how you can spend the money.

When you are ready to go ahead, Debtbuster Loans can usually get your loan arranged in less than an hour and you can get the money in as little as ten days.

Debtbuster Loans Repayment Examples

Loans From £5,000 - £100,000. Typical APR 18.5%* (Variable).

Amount Of Loan

APR % Variable

240 Months

120 Months

60 Months

Without Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

With Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

Without Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

With Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

Without Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

With Optional Insurance

Total Amount Repayable

£15,000.00 18.5% £197.52 £47,404.80 £245.89 £59,013.60 £242.00 £29,040.00 £301.27 £36,152.40 £356.85 £21,411.00 £444.24 £26,654.40
£20,000.00 18.5% £263.36 £63,206.40 £327.86 £78,686.40 £322.67 £38,720.40 £401.69 £48,202.80 £475.80 £28,548.00 £592.32 £35,539.20
£25,000.00 18.5% £329.20 £79,008.00 £409.82 £98,356.80 £403.34 £48,400.80 £502.12 £60,254.40 £594.75 £35,685.00 £740.40 £44,424.00
£30,000.00 18.5% £395.04 £94,809.60 £491.79 £118,029.60 £484.00 £58,080.00 £602.53 £72,303.60 £713.70 £42,822.00 £888.49 £53,309.40
£40,000.00 18.5% £526.72 £126,412.80 £655.71 £157,370.40 £645.34 £77,440.80 £803.38 £96,405.60 £951.60 £57,096.00 £1,184.65 £71,079.00
£60,000.00 18.5% £790.07 £189,616.80 £983.56 £236,054.40 £968.01 £116,161.20 £1,205.08 £144,609.60 £1,427.40 £85,644.00 £1,776.97 £106,618.20
£75,000.00 18.5% £987.59 £237,021.60 £1,229.45 £295,068.00 £1,210.01 £145,201.20 £1,506.34 £180,760.80 £1,784.24 £107,054.40 £2,221.20 £133,272.00

Example £20,000 over 240 months = £263.36 per month. Total amount repayable £63,206.40 APR 18.5% Variable

These secured loan plans are available to Debtbuster Loans customers. Other loan amounts and repayment periods between 3 and 25 years are available.